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  1. Why You Should Select Jimmy ‘Super Greek’ Santis to Headline Your Fundraiser
  2. A Little More Info About Jimmy
  3. Testimonials
  4. Jimmy Santis Biography
  5. How To Organize a Comedy Fundraiser Hosting Jimmy ‘Super Greek’ Santis
  6. Seating Options

Why You Should Select Jimmy ‘Super Greek’ Santis
to Headline Your Fundraiser…

  • Jimmy’s show is great family fun entertainment! This musical comedy performance includes singing, dancing and costume changes. Church organizations such as GOYA, PTA groups, Philoptochos and AHEPA have enjoyed Jimmy’s programs while raising money!
  • This is the easiest fundraiser you’ll ever organize! We all know how difficult it is to get volunteers to help with fundraisers. This fundraiser requires minimal planning!
  • Your group will be provided with free promotional posters and print ready post cards/flyers to help you promote the event.
  • We’ll be happy to provide you with testimonials from Church leaders and Priests. Jimmy has been entertaining church audiences for over 6 years!

What are you waiting for?

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A Little More Info About Jimmy…

  • Jimmy has written hit parody songs such as “I Won’t Survive,” “Thelo Aspirina” & “Bamies Today,” that have played on Greek-English radio stations in the U.S., Canada, Greece, Australia and the U.K.
  • His albums have all charted in the Top 10 at GMV, the largest Greek music retailer in the U.S.
  • Jimmy a featured performer at the world renowned “Montreal International Comedy Festival.”
  • Jimmy debuted his show this past January in London, where he had 3 sold out performances performing to over 1,000 people.
  • He has worked with recording artists Frank Sinatra, Madonna and  Paul Simon.
  • Jimmy had hit songs in the U.S, Spain,  Denmark,  Singapore and the Philippines.
  • Jimmy’s songs have been featured in numerous Film & Television shows.


Mr. Jimmy Santis - Super Greek - has been a delight and joy to have as a part of our fundraising efforts here at the Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church.  Jimmy brings a particular kind of excitement into his performances that uplift his audiences.  His creative style of composing and lyric writing are outstanding. Jimmy has performed to standing room only audiences to the delight of all. Jimmy, for me, has brought the Greek-American experience home in such a unique and special way.
God bless,

Father James G. Moskovites, Protoprebyter,

Annunciation G. O. Church, New  York, NY


With fund raising being such a difficult task, it is refreshing to work with someone as accommodating, hilarious, and sincere as Jimmy ‘Super Greek’ Santis. As a clergyman and as a friend, I find that Santis cares about you and your fund raising needs.  He listens and will always do the absolute best that he is able to produce a profitable and enjoyable concert.  As far as "material," Greek America can roar at itself because Santis makes us look at the silly things we do.  Love this guy and his wonderful work!

Father Chris P. Kerhulas, Pastor,

St. Basil Greek Orthodox Church,
Chicago,  IL

Jimmy Santis Biography

Jimmy Santis writes and performs some of the funniest Greek-American song parodies of our time! He is a singer-songwriter from Astoria, New York, and in addition to his parodies, writes songs for film, contemporary Christian music and mainstream pop.

Jimmy’s early musical journey began working as a recording engineer at one of  New York City’s top studios, Sigma Sound. He had the privilege of working with such legendary recording artists as Madonna, Billy Joel, Paul Simon, James Brown and Frank Sinatra.

As a songwriter and recording artist, Jimmy has enjoyed success both in the U.S. and overseas with several Top 10 hits. One of his songs, “A Girl Can Dream,” has been recorded by 5 different artists around the world and recently became a Top 10 hit in the Philippines. He also had the title track for the album “Heart of a Champion,” recorded by CARMAN (Sparrow/EMI Records) which went to # 1 on Billboard’s Christian charts and has had several hits in Spain and Denmark with their regional recording artists. Jimmy has toured Australia performing his Contemporary Christian music for Greek Orthodox Youth Groups and churches. In addition he had two songs, “Sta Dino Ola” and “Apple Juice,” recorded and released by Fame Story sensation and Eurovision 2006 semi-finalist Annet Artani on her debut album MIA FONI. Jimmy also had a Top 10 hit with his song "Perfect Love," sung by Universal recording Artist, Daniel Chan, which was the title track to the film SEE and went to # 6 on Singapores’ Pop Charts. In August 2009, his song “I Promise” was recorded by Philippine Idol winner Gretchen Espina and was released on her debut album SHINING THROUGH for Sony-BMG Records.

Then came Super Greek.....

Jimmy’s  show, ‘Super Greek’ is a very unique  musical comedy act that he has been performing around the world from Greek Nights at comedy clubs, to fundraisers for church organizations such as GOYA, Philoptochos, AHEPA, Leadership 100, as well as the Montreal International Comedy Festival.

The “Super Greek Show” had its beginnings at Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church on the West Side of Manhattan, NYC, where Jimmy was the headliner for their annual Talent Show. As the Talent Show grew in popularity, so did Jimmy’s success. His songs have been broadcast in the U.K., Greece, Canada, Australia and at various Greek-English radio stations throughout the world. His albums have charted in the Top 10 for America’s largest Greek Music retailer, GMV, for the last five years. His recently released debut DVD, “Super Greek Rock Montreal” was filmed Live in Montreal, where Jimmy played to an audience of over 2,000 people bringing the house down! In January 2008 Jimmy was a smashing success with 3 sold out performances for his U.K. debut where he played to over 1, 000 adoring new fans! Upcoming plans include debut comedy tours in Australia and South Africa as well and follow up shows in London, Montreal, Toronto & Chicago.

No doubt… Jimmy ‘Super Greek’ Santis will leave you
with big smiles and dancing in the aisles!!  


How To Organize  a Comedy Fundraiser Hosting  Jimmy ‘Super Greek’ Santis

Having a comedy night with Jimmy Santis is one of the easiest, low-maintenance fundraisers you can plan!

In three easy steps, your organization can plan a great and easy fundraiser!

What you need to do:

  1. Rent a Professional quality sound & light system. Jimmy provides you with specs for what he needs. A popular approach is to hire a local DJ or sound company that has worked with your church on previous events for the rental. If needed, Jimmy can also assist with finding a DJ or sound company in your area.
  2. Send Jimmy the details for the event, i.e. time, place, ticket price and he will provide you with promotional posters and print ready flyers and/or postcards to help promote your event.
  3. The last and most important step is to Get The Word Out! Make sure you promote the event within your church community. Have flyers in the weekly Sunday church bulletins, put posters up in the church hall, lobby or hallways. If there is a Parochial or Sunday school that is part of the church, be sure to put up posters or give them flyers and let them know about it. If there are local Greek cafes or restaurants nearby, put up posters in their establishments. If you have a local Greek newspaper, place an ad in their paper or ask them to list it in their community calendar of events. Most of the time, they will do this free of charge. If you have a Greek-American local radio station, have them announce it as part of their community calendar of events. You can also suggest people go to Jimmy’s website where they can see video clips and hear samples of his hilarious songs. The most important word in putting on a successful fundraiser is:

Promotion,  Promotion,  Promotion!


Seating Options

Generally there are two seating options you can work with:

  1. Theater Seating
  2. Table Seating

Theater Seating

Theater Seating is the easiest and quickest set-up. Volunteer work required is minimal:

  1. Set up chairs
  2. Have someone at the door to collect or sell tickets.

Table Seating

With table seating, you would be serving mezedakia or dinner and perhaps have a cash bar or offer free beverages. This is totally up to you. With Mezedakia, the cost is less and easier to prepare. When you’re offering mezedakia or dinner, there is more work involved but the advantage is that now you can charge more for your ticket price.

Ticket Pricing

Every community has a general idea of what their parishioners are used to paying for fundraising events. A general scale I have found that works for most churches is:

  • Theater Seating: Suggested ticket price between $25 - $35
  • Table Seating:    Suggested ticket price between $40 - $60

These are just suggested ticket prices. Each community based on their past pricing for events should use their own discretion.

Download Jimmy's Fundraising Show kit to learn more.